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March 16, 2010


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Under heavy construction.

~~Samurai Warriors Characters~~
(last name, first) (Mitsugetsu and Mino are both entirely fictitious while Osen and Chacha are based on actual people) Mitsugetsu is a tactician/mercenary, Minou is a ninja, Chacha is the only wife to give Hideoyshi children (out of 30 women XD), and Osen is Kantesugu's wife.
-Kouchou Mitsugetsu: Bio
Refs: SW3 :Meikin: by Lyricanna
-Gamo Minou:
Gamo Minou by MisaoNingyo
-Azai Chacha
Chacha Alternate Outfit by Lyricanna
-Naoe Osen
SWOC Doll - Osen by Lyricanna Osen Ref - poor scan by Lyricanna SW3 - Osen by Lyricanna

~~Sengoku Basara Characters~~
(last name, first) (Nana does not bear any resemblance to the shred of information that is known about her historical counter-part.  I know next to nothing about Misaki and Kitako.  I have used what minimal info I have to shape Kitako's personality though.  Chiyome is based on the folklore and minimal history that I have found about her, detailing her as the first kunoichi.  Kojima Yataro, Mochizuki Rokuro and Mochizuki Uemon are all also based off of the minimal amounts of folklore associated with them.  Tsuge and Junko are entirely fictional (Although I did find a plausible last name for Junko).  Rui is also fictional.)
-Chosokabe Nanahime
On the Water by Lyricanna Alternate Design - Nana by Lyricanna
-Yanai Junko Bio
Basara OC: Junko Itsuko by Lyricanna Junko Eyecatch by Lyricanna Treasure Keeper by Lyricanna
-Frois Tsuge
SenBa - Mitsugetsu by Lyricanna Tsuge - Alternate by Lyricanna
-Katakura Kitako
SenBa: Katakura Kitako by Lyricanna
SenBa: Misaki by Lyricanna Misaki Alternate Design by Lyricanna
-Mochizuki Chiyome
SB - Chiyome by Lyricanna
-Kojima Yataro
SB - Kojima Yataro by Lyricanna
Rui Reference by Lyricanna
-Mochizuki Rokuro
SB - Mochizuki Rokuro by Lyricanna
-Mochizuki Uemon
SB - Mochizuki Uemon by Lyricanna
Feel free to ask any questions.  Also, if you think something should be used as a ref that isn't, please let me know =)
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fog-mire Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
WOW! Awesome ref page!!!! :heart:
Lyricanna Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks; still incomplete though XD
Brizz Featured By Owner May 6, 2009   Digital Artist
Pfft, at least you HAVE references. I haven't even drawn 3/4 of my random OC's from all the stories that I've ever made up. Which is too many. 8'D Maybe I'll draw some group pictures of random series that I still develop over the summer. YAR.
Lyricanna Featured By Owner May 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just my stuff that goes on dA; I have a couple series that are strictly offline projects XD

I look forward to seeing what you do post and develop =3
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