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DDs given

I accept DD suggestions from the Fan Art Gallery alongside TheCreativeJenn. SingingFlames takes care of Fan Fiction =)
I also take suggestions from the Digital Art > Pixel Art Gallery!
DD Suggestion Guidelines

A clarification of my guidelines can be found HERE

:bulletblue: I only accept Daily Deviations for the Fan Art and the Pixel Art galleries.

:bulletblue: Please include the :thumbxxxxxxxx: for your suggestion in a note.

:bulletblue: Please make sure that the artist has not had a Daily Deviation in the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

:bulletblue: You are more than welcome to suggest yourself if you feel as if you deserve a DD. Don't be shy. :la:

:bulletblue:I will not feature anything that has been traced. Artist's descriptions must list any references, stock, brushes or other resources used. This is especially so with Photo-realism!

:bulletblue: As I am one of the most indecisive people on earth, I will not answer whether or not I will be DDing something unless you are a self suggester. I prefer to keep it a surprise and I like knowing that I can change my mind =)


2 Character Postcard Commission
FE SS: Battle Support by Lyricanna
How do you show loyalty? by Lyricanna
Plenty of light left by Lyricanna
2 characters, fully coloured, waist up with background.  Can be fan art or original characters.
Single Character + background
Underneath the Devil's Star by Lyricanna
After the first snow by Lyricanna
One human/oid character, original or fan art, full colour, with a background.
Pixel Roses
 All I need to know is what colours you want the flower, leaves and stem to be. If you don't want leaves or a stem, that's fine. If you want thorns added or a ribbon, that's fine too.
Examples: A simple rose by Lyricanna Rose for Endorell-Taelos by Lyricanna Rose for Tajii-Chan by Lyricanna

Random Favourites

I have my faves set to random so I can re-visit the works I have faved =)

News and Journals


Anyone else gearing up for Inktober? 

21 deviants said What?
9 deviants said Yes!
7 deviants said No. =|

Art Recieved in 2013

This year's art from the various generous people I have met here on dA. Love you guys :hug:
Does not include WIPS

(oldest to newest)
New Years Ninjas by SpiritLullaby Requests: Lyricanna and yuniie-chan by Ichitoko Lord and Lady by SpiritLullaby Rui by Reldia Marcellus by FelesTacita 8 by SpiritLullaby Rui Team by Jyinxe Rui by aria-matsumae c: Rokuro by porcelian-doll c: Isa by porcelian-doll Rui by FelesTacita Chibi Commission: Kojima Yataro by DalishaRGB Christmas Busts Set #1 by TouchedVenus Gift: Tibarn and Reyson by SpiritLullaby head sketch Lyricanna by chromic7sky



News and Journals
645 deviations
Inktober: The Empress by Lyricanna
Inktober: The Empress
Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag, Ruler of the Crystal Throne, Empress of the Seanchan, may she live forever.  Or just Tuon =P

Missed some Inktober days and as a result, decided to jump around in my Wheel of Time meme.  Jumped down to my favourite of the Seanchan, Tuon.  As I just finished re-reading A Memory of Light, I decided to draw the scene where Mat sneaks into the palace gardens at Ebou Dar to see Tuon.  He comes across her practicing her hand to hand combat, looking as if she was sparring with her own shadow.  I referenced a Tai Chi pose for this piece.  Tuon was described as wearing a pale dress/robe that was slitted at the sides with blue trousers underneath.

Tuon, Wheel of Time and all related stuff (C) Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Artists Toolbox: Markers

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 12:00 PM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:

Artists Tool Box: Markers

So today I want to talk to you guys about one of my favourite colouring tools: markers.  We've all seen them and used them, from the scented ones that some of us tried not to lick in grade 1 to the Crayolas that are everywhere to Sharpie Markers in the back-to-school section to the fancy markers that can only be bought in art supply stores.  So here's what you need to know about markers :la:

The Basics
Cheap or expensive, easy to find or not, markers can be easily broken down into 2 types: water-based and alcohol-based.  For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to stick with 4 of the most common brands of art markers: Sharpies, Prisma Colors, Copics and Lyra Aqua Brush Pens.  Of these, only the Lyra markers are water-based; the other 3 are alcohol based.

Lyras, Copics and Prisma Colors tend to be double ended; one end tends to have a wider, wedge shaped tip and the other end typically has a finer tip or a brush.  Sharpies are single ended.

Uses and cost
Lyra Aqua Brush Pens: These are good for fine lines or colouring areas of a drawing.  They do not streak very easily so you can get a solid look from them.  They do not layer amazingly and can only be blended with other water-based markers (water-based + alcohol-based = awkward smears and general ickiness).  You can also add water to them with a paint brush, effectively using them as water colour paints.  They work well on regular sketch book paper (80lb paper or higher to avoid bleeding), watercolor paper and canvas.  They are not very effective on bristol board or card stock, however.  Due to the fact that they are water-based, they are not anywhere near to permanent and wash off of skin and clothes very easily.  They are non-toxic and on the cheaper side, as far as art markers go; a 24 pack runs for about 25-30$ Canadian.

Sharpie Markers: These are also good for fine lines or colouring areas of a drawing.  They are prone to streaking however, as they dry quickly.  They layer and blend okay with one another as well as with Prisma Color markers but do not seem to want to blend nicely with Copics.  They are alcohol based and marketed as permanent.  These work great on card stock, watercolor paper, fabric, glass, ceramic and canvas.  Light weight papers will have problems with bleeding and may tear if layered too heavily.  The color selection for these is smaller than that of Lyras, Prisma Colors and Copics yet still leaves a lot of choice.  This is perhaps the cheapest marker option, running from 15-30$ Canadian for a 24 pack.

Prisma Color Markers: I have used these for a number of years and find them to be very good for colouring large or small projects.  These come in double ended markers as either a chisel end and a fine tip end or a brush end and a fine tip end.  These are an alcohol, dye based ink that are non-toxic.  They work great on sketch book paper, watercolour paper, card stock and work okay on bristol board.  Prisma Colors are also good for doing a base color layer in marker and shading over top of the layer with pencil crayons; other markers get a weird goopy effect.  These come in the widest variety of colours and run anywhere from 3-8$ per marker, with sets of 24 starting at around 60$ Canadian. The only con; they stink.  The smell is overpowering in a small space, so open a window or have a fan going while working with these!

Copic Markers: Are my favourite.  I have used these for a number of years as well and they work really nicely.  They layer with each other well, they blend nicely, they don't streak as long as you colour in a way that allows wet edges to touch (and they do not dry instantaneously, which allows for nicer blending).  They work well on all types of paper, canvas and one of my friends even used them to dye a white wig green.  Unfortunately, they do pick up the ink from Micron pens, so really let your pen work dry before colouring with these!  They are available in a multitude of sizes and colours.  They can also be used with a Copic Air Brush machine.  You can also buy refills and refill your empty markers!
But... they are pricey; the smaller Copic Ciao markers are about 4-6$ Canadian per marker, while the Copic Regulars and Sketch Markers are about 6-9$ Canadian, per marker.  A 24 pack of Ciaos costs between 80-90$ as does a 12 pack of Sketch Markers.  The Sketch markers do hold more ink and last longer than the Ciaos though.

Some Tutorials to Start You off
If you want to pick up some marker techniques, such as layering or blending, these are for you!
Prisma Marker Tutorial ft Ciel by Atomic-Clover COPIC marker tutorial by luleiya Ginames Copic Rose Tutorial by Giname 8 Unorthodox Tips on Markers by Pau-Norontaus Original Character Pairing Shoes by Achiru-et-al Background Tutorial Section 2 by Mireielle


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, I go by Rhys here on dA and I am a long time job hunter who spends too much time here on dA ;)

You can contact me at: or via note with any Fan Art related questions, comments, concerns or ideas =3

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Kurapica Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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AngedeCristal Featured By Owner Edited Oct 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hello Lyricanna, I have a question about pixel DD in general :meow:

Only pure pixel can have a DD, or some pixel art making also with brush to have some effect (for gradients or light for sample) could have one too ?

For sample, I did this pixel only with the "pixel pencil" (Binary on SAI)
+ Com + GlowFoxx +

And for this one, I use mostly the Binary, but I also use brushes and layers effect, so it's not a "pure" pixel art.
+ Fate + Arthuria Pixel + Personalized +
Hope I'm clear :s

So yeah, I'm wondering since a long time if only the first one is considering as a pixel, and can have a DD in the pixel category.

Thank you, and sorry for my english ^^;
Lyricanna Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Pixel art is defined by being 100% done pixel by pixel (so no gradients or brushes allowed); pieces that have pixel elements and gradients and brushes belong in the Digital Art > Mixed Media category and can be suggested to one of the Digital Art CVs =)

Please send any DD suggestions to me by note in the future ;)
AngedeCristal Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
Oh I see, thank you so much :hug:

But the problem is "Mixed Media" don't accept animated deviations ^^; So I guess I must put my pixel on the Animation category ?
Lyricanna Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah that might be best =)
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